Male infertility

The traditional perception that the causes of a couple’s failure to conceive were attributed to women exclusively, has greatly delayed investigation of men’s fertilising potential, as it only started 15-20 years ago.

In the Laboratory of Spermatology G.Lymberopoulos the provision of high quality and reliable diagnostic services is our unwavering goal.

Therefore, it is a special honor and an acknowledgment of the quality of our services, the fact that the SSP and DNA tests are now accredited by the National Accreditation System (E.S.Y.D.).

Dr Georgios Lyberopoulos, scientific director of the Sermology Laboratory

He is a Biologist-Biochemist, graduate of the University of Patras, holder of a PhD by the University of Nottingham, UK (Medical School – Department of Biochemistry).
During his post-PhD specialisation, he extensively worked on issues of Clinical Chemistry, Laboratory Quality Control, Neurochemistry and Reproduction Biology (In vitro fertilisation – Sperm Examination and Freezing).