The laboratory

The Laboratory complies with internationally acknowledged specifications (WHO, ESHRE-SIGA), based on which, proper laboratory examination of the sperm (spermiogram) is carried out through microscopic observation by experienced, well trained scientists without the use of automatic analyzers.

The use of automatic analyzers does not enable proper examination and assessment of the sperm parameters. Technological systems cannot assess the nature of the sperm sample as accurately as the experienced human eye would in microscopic observation. Besides, ESHRE-SIGA (1997, 2010) does not recommend the use of analyzers in laboratory routines for the assessment of male sperm.

Therefore, the staff of the Spermatology Laboratory have the scientific knowledge, expertise and experience required to guarantee top quality results.

The G. Lymberopoulos Spermatology Laboratory stands out for the providing reliable diagnostic services of high quality. As we constantly pursue top quality in the services we provide and are always in the vanguard of innovation, we are happy to announce that our Laboratory hence applies the principles of the NATIONAL ACCREDITATION SYSTEM based on the specifications set out by Standard ΕΝ 15189:2012.

Constant training of the scientific personnel, improvement of provided services and application of cutting-edge scientific knowledge to daily practice, are the pillars supporting the Quality Management System.