Preventive Action

Avoiding factors in everyday life that are connected to spermatoxic effects may contribute to the protection of sperm. Strengthening the body with substances that benefit a good state of health, particularly in cases where nutrition is deficient, might also contribute to this purpose. In general, men in reproductive phase should:
• Quit or at least reduce smoking – nicotine reduces the antioxidant activity of the sperm fluid
• Reduce excessive alcohol consumption – alcohol has toxic effects on spermatogenesis
• Have frequent intercourse with their partner (approximately every 2-3 days) – the frequency of ejaculation contributes to the renewal of sperm and the secretion of non “aged’ spermatozoa
• Wear comfortable underwear and avoid hot baths – high temperatures suspend spermatogenesis
• Avoid exposure to chemical substances (pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals) and radiation in their working environment – they are all inhibiting factors of spermatogenesis